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Design and build one of the leading farm carbon calculator tools for the UK agriculture sector.

The Farm Carbon Calculator is an online tool built for the purpose of helping farmers calculate their carbon footprint, using industry-leading metrics and research to provide the most accurate figures possible, including carbon sequestration from land.

The calculator shows live-updating results as you add emissions from various sources on the farm, and provides a detailed report, with summary headline figures and full breakdown tables as well as a downloadable PDF version. It is completely free to anyone who wishes to use it, and you can create as many reports as you wish.

The tool has become increasingly popular with farmers all over the UK, with updates being added to extend its functionality in partnership with organisations in different industries – for example, winemakers.


We built the website and calculator in the latest version of the Drupal content management system, keeping in mind the Farm Carbon Toolkit brand with the use of colour and layout. The site is easily navigable with clear instructions on how to use the tool as well as how to collect farm data and what sorts of data can be used. The design of the tool is structured and coherent to make the process of adding data as straightforward as possible while giving the farmers as much data as they need.

To view the calculator and try it out yourself head over to the site:

Visit Farm Carbon Calculator

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