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Proud to be a Co-op!

Proud to be a Co-op!

Brand / Design / Illustration

Co-ops UK commissioned us to design a poster which would be offered to Co-ops UK members to display in their offices, shops and wherever they please, it‘s aim being to celebrate co-op’s and demonstrate the values of being a co-op but also create a poster that people were proud to display. 

We took an illustrated approach that focused on the co-operative principles and flowed into a single illustration that highlighted people working together. The poster was designed with co-op principles  in mind. The launch of the poster also coincided with Co-op Fortnight which is about celebrating the achievements of co-op members and Co-ops UK wanted to make their members feel proud to be part of something bigger than just their own business. 

Being part of a coop is about being inclusive to all, no matter how big or small your business is and this poster highlights that with an array of illustrations showing small and large groups, all working together and cooperating for the greater good. The illustrative approach to this poster gives it a playful nature, it gives a humanistic and relatable approach to business..
The posters were distributed free of charge to all co-op members, and even made its way on to BBC breakfast. This project is one which has been very gratifying, and we are pleased to say that we are proud to be a co-op! If you’d like to download one of the “Proud to be a co-op” posters you can do so at the Co-operatives UK website.

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