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EIRA is led by Essex University but in partnership with six other universities around England, all with the common goal of providing businesses with specialist academic facilities, consultancy, collaborative research and most crucially, providing funding. EIRA signifies how universities all over the country can help each other in contributing to one another in the form of research, facilities, and knowledge about all areas relating to artificial intelligence, biotechnology and digital creativity. 

This project was one in which we were given the ability to start with an essentially blank canvas, we made everything from the brand mark, to the promotional materials and the website. We started with a brand workshop with the EIRA team and explored some of their ideas and concepts for how they wanted the brand to look and what they wanted it to achieve. In doing this it meant that we were able to create a fluid brand which worked in many different formats, from including the small elements of the logo such as the small triangles to symbolise the brand to using the simple colour gradient and brand colours in the printed materials. This aided us in the creation of the site because it meant we had a lot of different creative elements which we could explore singularly and use these in different areas of the site to tie the brand together throughout the site. 

The site includes news and events pages which are easily accessible to the client in the back end, making adding news articles and events an easy task. There was an importance of functionality throughout the site which needed to create a smooth user experience and help the user follow the narrative of the site whether they’re on desktop or mobile. 

We also created a trifold brochure for the client which explains who EIRA are and the work that they do in the areas of AI, biotech and digital creativity, with the main aim being to draw people onto the site. 

We are very satisfied with the outcome of this project, from the brand to the website, the visual identity is strong and the client was very pleased with the overall result.

View the website here eira.ac.uk

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