Essex County Council
Create an accessible website which would act as a central hub for all Essex2020 information and events.

What is Essex2020?

Essex 2020 began with a belief that people living in and around Essex need something to celebrate and connect over – something that would fuse science and creativity, and give the region a positive self-image and sense of history and future vision. This year-long festival aims to unite businesses, organisations and individuals across Essex through a series of events, talks and online resources celebrating all things STEAM.

What did we deliver?

We started with an initial workshop exploring the goals, ambitions and purpose of the site and its founders. We worked closely with the main project partners, always possible and Essex County Council, keeping their audience in mind from the very beginning and focusing on delivering a beautiful and accessible website with the users needs in mind.

The central feature of the website and the Essex2020 project is their schedule of events. We created multiple ways of displaying and searching events on the website, including a calendar, list and map that can be filtered by categories such as location, price and STEAM activity. We also created an Expression of Interest form for anyone who wants to submit an event for consideration and addition to the Essex 2020 calendar.

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